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What are the Advantages of Using FileCenter Pro Over Windows Folders?

FileCenter Pro vs. Windows Folders: What are the advantages of using FileCenter Pro over Managing Windows Folders? Some common questions asked when talking with a business owner looking at using an electronic document management solution are, “Why can’t I just

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Going Paperless: 5 Items to Consider Before Going Paperless

Paper in the office is not fun. If you are dreaming of getting rid of your mountains and mountains of paperwork, well, you’re not alone. Many people love the idea of having a paperless office, but are often not sure

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How Do You Decide What to Archive: 4 Types of Documents to Start With

With document retention requirements varying by industry as well as state to state, how do you decide what to archive? You may think to yourself that there are so many rules and regulations out there that address document retention. And

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Databases: File Security vs. File Access

One question that we field on a regular basis goes something like this: Are you ever going to let me secure my cabinets with a password? Or, are you ever going to let me give individual files passwords? The short


6 Tips to Maximize Business Productivity

Do you want to ramp up your business productivity, increase work output among your employees and improve your workplace efficiency? If yes, this article is for you. Business productivity is not merely about purchasing the newest technology or hiring awesome


Digitizing the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has always been the foremost cultural establishment of the United States. Established in 1800 by Congress and signed into law by President John Adams, the Library of Congress was designed to be the top federal cultural


Common Malware Schemes

Malware, viruses, spyware – these are geeky terms that can instantly make your head spin. You undoubtedly have heard of them before, and you know they are bad for your computer. However, you do not know what they are exactly.


Management Mistakes That Compromise Office Efficiency

The business world is tough and, to be successful, managers must take under their control all the aspects of the business. From basic tasks, such as marketing, finding clients, creating a successful product, to more specialized tasks such as creating


Tips for Improving your Company’s Efficiency

The modern business world is fiercely competitive. Managers must understand that in order to keep pace in this increasingly competitive environment, they need to run their businesses as efficiently as possible. Businesses and marketing experts point out that, in the


Solidifying the Validity of an Office with FileCenter

In today’s working world, a business office isn’t much of a business office without proficient document scanning & file management software, more specifically, FileCenter. A number of recent articles suggest that going paperless has a great effect on operational productivity.