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Are NAS Drives a Good Idea?

Small offices trying to avoid the complexity of a full file server often get enticed by NAS drives – Network Attached Storage. These little appliances promise the benefits of a full file server with plug-and-play simplicity: just plug the unit


Client Portals: A Secure Alternative to Email

Most professionals that have been in business for the last 10+ years remember when sharing a file was a time consuming process. Sharing a file meant burning to a CD, floppy disk or even printing out the file and sending

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How Do You Decide What to Archive: 4 Types of Documents to Start With

With document retention requirements varying by industry as well as state to state, how do you decide what to archive? You may think to yourself that there are so many rules and regulations out there that address document retention. And

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3 Big Benefits of Going Paperless for Small Businesses

If you are the owner of a small business, it may seem like an unachievable task to take your office paperless. You may think that it is easy just to manage the paper files you do have. When you really

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6 Tips to Maximize Business Productivity

Do you want to ramp up your business productivity, increase work output among your employees and improve your workplace efficiency? If yes, this article is for you. Business productivity is not merely about purchasing the newest technology or hiring awesome


Garnering the Best Performance from Your Employees

Every business owner, supervisor, and manager knows that an effective company does not simply happen. It takes the best efforts of everyone in the company. Managing employees is not an easy feat and learning how to do so can take


Selling Your Boss on Paperless Conversion

For years, you have been drowning in a mountain of paperwork. You have lost count of the number of documents you have printed, written on, scanned, shredded, mailed, filed, and lost. In fact, you are pretty certain that your office


Ensuring Quality Customer Service by Going Paperless

Paperless storage is fast becoming a staple for many businesses. The benefits that paperless can bring to a company, like increased productivity and efficiency, are well-known. There is another area we rarely consider when we talk about the benefits of


The Power of FileCenter, the Technology

When it comes to employees, there seems to be a constant need to guide them to their full potential. Something about helping your subordinates realize their capacity to perform at a high level is both satisfying and therapeutic. More importantly,


Management Mistakes That Compromise Office Efficiency

The business world is tough and, to be successful, managers must take under their control all the aspects of the business. From basic tasks, such as marketing, finding clients, creating a successful product, to more specialized tasks such as creating