The Best Document Management Software for the Paperless Office or Personal Use

Our document management software, FileCenter DMS, makes it quick to turn paper into searchable computer files, easy to store and find them, and simple to change them later (even PDFs).

FileCenter is the ideal solution for the office or personal use. No other DMS software puts you in control and makes it as easy to manage and organize your files from a single familiar interface.

Stop wasting time sifting through piles of papers on your desk and clicking through all of those folders on your PC, trying to find that one document.

Wouldn't it be easier if there was one application that could scan, organize, edit, and find files and documents you need quickly?

FileCenter DMS is the answer. In only 15 minutes a day, FileCenter can manage all of your scanning and document organization quickly and efficiently.

FileCenter Trailer

With our document management software solution:

  • You get a filing system that makes organizing and finding your files
  • intuitive and easy.
  • You can scan and organize documents in one step.
  • Automatically name documents based on their content during scanning.
  • Scan, Search, and Edit PDFs. You can even combine multiple documents
  • into one.
  • You get a simple but powerful program that anyone can understand.

Other document management solutions use a closed database to lock your files into their system. FileCenter is open.

FileCenter uses Windows folders, which lets you save them anywhere you want, including all your favorite cloud drive services.

Because of their closed systems, other software "solutions" don't integrate with other desktop applications. FileCenter does.

Use all of your favorite applications with 100% compatibility guaranteed with FileCenter. All save/open functions of other programs work flawlessly.

The competition doesn't provide easy to use PDF management and editing tools. FileCenter does.

Edit, join, split, combine any PDF inside of FileCenter.

With other software DMS solutions, you can only search what is on your computer. FileCenter can search your desktop AND your network.

The workspace is collaborative, and your document management system should be too. FileCenter DMS Pro lets you and your colleagues work together by enabling network-wide search and management.

With FileCenter DMS, you can automate your business process and improve your workflow. Turn paper documents into PDFs and electronic documents for easy archiving.

Do you have piles of papers on your desk, or is your PC desktop cluttered with impossible to find files? You're not alone. Here's a 4-minute video showing you how FileCenter's document management software can help you get organized.

FileCenter: A True Story

Professional offices and small businesses looking to implement a paperless office solution don't need to spend thousands of dollars on software to manage their documents. FileCenter DMS is fully-featured and affordable.

FileCenter is the low-cost leader in document management software! We deliver a level of features at a price the competition can't touch:

Feature FileCenter Competition
Go from paper to PDF in a single click Included  
Organize your scans, computer files, and e-mail together Included Included
Use regular Windows folders (not locked into the software) Included  
Built-in PDF editor Included  
Fully search any scan, fax or document Included  
Pull in paper text right into Microsoft Office and Word Included  
Instant preview without opening files Included  
Powerful full-text search Included Included
Share your electronic filing cabinets on the office network or the cloud   Included Included

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