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What is the Best DMS for Lacerte Software?

Lacerte software deserves a full-featured DMS to complement it. What is the best DMS to integrate with Lacerte? What features should you look for? In this article, we'll walk you through the main considerations and give you our recommendation for the best DMS for Lacerte software: FileCenter DMS. Read on to see why.

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DMS for Lacerte Software Summary

  • Why is it important to integrate a DMS with Lacerte?
  • Your DMS integration should provide good organization
  • Fully integrated scanning is key
  • The best DMS for Lacerte software embraces PDF
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Does FileCenter integrate with Lacerte Tax Software?
Can I bring my Lacerte clients into FileCenter?
Can I still print PDFs from Lacerte to my client folders?

Yes, yes, and yes. FileCenter integrates seamlessly with Lacerte so that PDFs will save under your clients. FileCenter also includes its own PDF printer so you can store anything as a PDF.

FileCenter even goes a step further. It lets you store any file from almost any program. Do you want to save Word documents or Excel spreadsheets in your client folders? FileCenter integrates with those programs too ... and hundreds of others.   Learn More »

Why Is it Important to Integrate a DMS with Lacerte?

The beauty of Lacerte software is that it does one thing exceptionally well. Now you need additional software to pick up where Lacerte leaves off: document organization and management. That's where a Document Management System comes into play. A DMS will excel at other critical tasks for your practice, like the naming and storage of electronic files, scanning, working with PDFs. While accounting practices excel at tax prep, there's an enormous document burden that follows that task. Integrating the right DMS with Lacerte will make all the difference in how well that burden is managed.

Your DMS Integration Should Provide Good Organization

A DMS package's organizational paradigm will make or break it. Many favor a nebulous "tagging" approach where incoming documents are flagged with certain keywords. Your ability to resurrect the document later depends entirely on your ability to divine what keywords were used originally. Users tend to hate these systems for two reasons: putting a document into the system is time-consuming, and pulling documents out of the system is an exercise in guess-work.

Users respond much more warmly to a structured system that organizes things in a preductable hierarchy. The classic, and arguably the most familiar, paradigm is the filing cabinet. The system we recommend, FileCenter DMS, embraces this model. FileCenter features tabs representing electronic filing cabinets. Within each tab, the user finds drawers, folders, and files. Most users can navigate to nearly any file in just a few mouse clicks – far faster than it takes to figure out and type in keywords. Accounting firms quickly discover that the filing cabinet structure lends itself well to an organizational layout that centers around the client.

It's also important that the DMS enforce consistency in the way that your staff puts documents into the system. One way to accomplish this is through a folder template feature that ensures consistent folder layouts for all of your clients. The system should provide a similar feature to standardize the way documents are named.

Arguably the most critical consideration when choosing a system is the storage method. The vast majority of DMS software currently offered uses a database for storing your files. Think of a database as a black box. You can't navigate it. You can't find what's inside unless it lets you in. So why do most solutions go with a database? One simple reason: extra security. But that security comes at a price. All document access is heavily restricted, something you will discover when you try switching to a different DMS. User boards on the Internet recount endless stories of frustration from users who have been trapped in a DMS they hate because they can't get their files out. Which is another reason software vendors favor databases: databases preserve their user base. Another drawback of databases: they restrict other software from reaching the files. Software like Lacerte. In fact, Lacerte won't integrate with a database-driven DMS unless the DMS vendor provides a specific integration point.

FileCenter DMS takes a completely different approach. FileCenter acknowledges that Windows already provides outstanding security features, features that more than adequately meet the security needs for almost any SMB. This being true, FileCenter opts to use regular Windows folders for storing your files. The benefits should be immediately obvious. You never lose access to your files. Further, your favorite software packages retain access as well. In fact, FileCenter integrates tightly with almost any Windows program, including Lacerte. And if the day comes when you decide to switch to integrate a different DMS with Lacerte, you won't have to worry about getting your files out of the system.

Fully Integrated Scanning Is Key

Nothing slows down an office's workflow like scanning. It's the one task office staff will actively avoid. Most DMS platforms do little to alleviate the problem. The best DMS for Lacerte software, on the other hand, will provide specific features to streamline and improve scanning.

FileCenter DMS offers an entire feature set of scanning tools. Besides rapid scanning directly into a file cabinet, it offers automation features for things like automating the naming, saving, and routing of documents. Automatic document separation splits apart a stack of documents into individual files. Automatic file naming will pull information from within the document text and use it to name and route file: client names, dates, document type, etc.

When you choose a DMS to integrate with Lacerte, efficient scanning should be a primary feature, not an afterthought.

The Best DMS for Lacerte Software Embraces PDF

It is hard to overstate how important the PDF file format has become in today's business world. PDF is the de facto file format for exchanging and archiving documents. As a result, repetitive tasks like creating, combining, extracting, annotating, and otherwise manipulating PDFs have become so important that they can almost be considered document management tasks. So it only makes sense that the best DMS for Lacerte software should integrate PDF features directly into the workflow.

The Best DMS for Lacerte Software

FileCenter DMS goes out of its way to pick up where Lacerte leaves off, giving you the sort of power and efficiency you need in managing and working with your documents. With intuitive document organization, full support for searchable PDF, many tools for facilitating bulk scanning, a built-in PDF editor, and a clean interface that users rave about, FileCenter can take you all the way from being smothered in paper to a paperless office. Download a free trial today!

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