What Paperless Software is Best for You?

You've finally decided to convert to a paperless office. So you're in the market for paperless software. But now you wonder, what factors should you consider in making that choice? What features? Is there a best all-around option? Absolutely, and that option is FileCenter, the low-cost leader in paperless software.

In this article, we'll walk you through key features and key considerations to bear in mind and show you why we recommend FileCenter DMS.

Paperless Software Summary

  • Choose paperless software that facilitates rapid scanning
  • Verify that the paperless software is compatible with the other software you use
  • Favor paperless software that stores files in regular Windows folders, not a database
  • Make sure the paperless software addresses your daily tasks
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Paperless Software Should Facilitate Rapid Scanning

No-one loves the idea of scanning. This factor alone stops many companies from even attempting to implement paperless document management software. Don't be that company. Resolve from the beginning that you'll digitize incoming paper going forward. Save the archived documents for a time when you're fully up and running as a paperless office.

The right paperless software coupled with a fast TWAIN-compliant desktop scanner will not only make that easy, it will turn scanning into a natural part of your daily workflow. The best paperless software on the market puts a strong emphasis on scanning, integrating scanning tightly into the workflow and, better yet, facilitating bulk, rapid scanning. Ideally, dropping new scans into the system should be an effortless, single-mouseclick proposition. Further, your paperless software should automatically handle the task of turning the scan into a searchable PDF. That means on-the-fly, transparent PDF conversion and OCR built right in.

Paperless Software Compatibility Matters

As you choose your paperless software, don't forget that you have other pieces of software it must integrate with or, at the least, play well with. In other words, your paperless software isn't the only software you use! Make certain that whatever software package you choose is fully compatible with all of your programs. Which leads us to the next point ...

Where Will Your Files Go?

Almost as a rule, the vast majority of paperless software you run across will store your files in a database. Most people don't stop to consider the repurcussions: you won't be able to use your favorite Cloud drives, like DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. You will no longer have the ability to use the right-click menu options on your files like you do in Windows. Worse still, do you have a favorite piece of software you rely on? Don't count on it being compatible, since your files will now be stuck in a database. Worse still, if you ever decide to switch to different paperless software, you'll have to figure out a way to export all of your data. Not all paperless software makes that easy.

Is there an alternative? Yes. Choose paperless software that stores your files in regular Windows folders. This ensures that you'll always have access to your files, from any program. It ensures that you can continue using all of your favorite software. And it makes it possible to enjoy remote access to your files through DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Additional Paperless Software Features to Consider

Good paperless software will give tools for all of your file-related tasks, like PDF combining/splitting, file preview, automated file naming, reusable folder layouts, built-in search, etc. Evaluate your daily file-related tasks and make sure that whatever paperless software you choose has features to meet your daily demands.

Why We Recommend FileCenter DMS

FileCenter DMS is paperless software that will help you organize any kind of file, anywhere on your computer or network, into standard Windows folders to ensure complete compatibility with your other programs, while giving you an improved file cabinet interface. Featuring clean, seamless integration with all of your most-used Windows programs, integrated scanning and PDF management, search capabilities, and a layout that's easy and comfortable, even for beginners, FileCenter paperless software will open new horizons and simplify the way you work. Download a free trial today!

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