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What is the Best DMS for TaxWise Software?

Do you need a DMS to integrate with your TaxWise software? Then you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll guide you through some critical features to look for in a DMS, point out the traps to avoid, and give you our recommendation for the best DMS for integrating with TaxWise: FileCenter DMS. Read on to see why.

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DMS for TaxWise Software Summary

  • It is critical to integrate a DMS with your TaxWise software
  • Look for a DMS with the most intuitive organization
  • The best DMS for integrating with TaxWise will focus on scanning efficiency
  • One critical but overlooked DMS feature is PDF support
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It Is Critical to Integrate a DMS with Your TaxWise Software

Why do you need to integrate a DMS with your TaxWise software? Because a DMS, or Document Management System, picks up where TaxWise leaves off: document organization and storage. A DMS is to documents what TaxWise is to your client financial data. Integrating TaxWise with a DMS creates a powerful solution that aids in office-wide organization, productivity, and efficiency. The best DMS for TaxWise software will make all the difference in how your office runs.

Look for a DMS with the Most Intuitive Organization

There are multiple ways a DMS might organize documents. Most users tend to prefer a structured organization layout, like an electronic filing cabinet. Saving into the system and pulling documents back out of the system are quick and intuitive. Our recommended DMS, FileCenter, embraces this model to great customer feedback. FileCenter DMS provides electronic filing cabinets with drawers and folders. Users can navigate the filing structure with just a few mouse clicks. This structure also facilitates a client-centric approach in the way you organize documents.

Even more important than layout, however, is a consideration that often gets overlooked when choosing the best DMS to integrate with TaxWise: how the documents are stored. Most DMS solutions employ a database. What few realize is that databases come with some severe drawbacks. With a database, your document access is heavily restricted. For example, if your firm tries switching to a different DMS at a later date, you may discover that you can't get your own documents out of the database. Another downside to databases that goes unmentioned until it's too late: databases restrict your other software from accessing your files. Software like TaxWise. In fact, TaxWise cannot integrate with any database-driven DMS unless that DMS provides a specific integration for TaxWise.

FileCenter DMS takes a different approach. FileCenter uses regular Windows folders to store documents instead of a database. This approach has many benefits. First and foremost, you will never lose access to your files. Even if you someday choose to swap FileCenter for a different DMS to integrate with TaxWise, you won't have to worry about getting your files out of the system. Equally important, your other software retains full access to your documents. For example, FileCenter is seamlessly compatible with Cloud services like Google Drive, One Drive, and DropBox. In fact, it integrates tightly with nearly any Windows program, including TaxWise.

The Best DMS for Integrating with TaxWise Will Focus on Scanning Efficiency

Scanning arguably slows down an office's workflow more than any other task. In most DMS platforms, it's a terribly inefficient process. So more than verify if a DMS offers scanning, you owe it to yourself to investigate whether the scanning does anything to streamline the process.

The best DMS for TaxWise software will put scanning efficiency as a top priority. It should not only work with most desktop scanners, but also the very popular ScanSnap scanners. It should provide numerous scanning features aimed at streamlining the scanning process, automating every aspect of it possible. Look for features like automatic document separation, automatic file naming based on text from the document body, and automatic document routing. For those quick one-off scan jobs, it should allow scanning directly to file. And all scans should be saved as searchable PDF files.

One Critical but Overlooked DMS Feature Is PDF Support

The PDF file format has become critical in today's business economy. PDF is the format of choice for sharing documents, making official filings, and archiving documents. As a result, it the need to create, combine, extract, annotate, and otherwise manipulate PDFs has become a primary task that should ideally be handled within the DMS itself.

When looking for a DMS to integrate with TaxWise, don't settle for anything that doesn't include a full set of PDF creation and manipulation features. Look for the ability to drag and drop PDFs onto each other to combine them, previews PDFs in place without opening them, easily add comments and annotations, etc. You should also be able to convert files to PDF with the click of a button. Any more, these are primary file management tasks.

The Best DMS for TaxWise Software

FileCenter DMS goes out of its way to pick up where TaxWise leaves off, giving you the sort of power and efficiency you need in managing and working with your documents. With intuitive document organization, full support for searchable PDF, many tools for facilitating bulk scanning, a built-in PDF editor, and a clean interface that users rave about, FileCenter can take you all the way from being smothered in paper to a paperless office. Download a free trial today!

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