Lucion Technologies is Now FileCenter

Lucion Technologies has long brought you the FileCenter product line. Now, in an effort to better reflect our brand, we're switching our name to simply FileCenter. Same company, same commitment to quality, more recognizable face. You can access our new website at FileCenter.

A Brief History of Lucion Technologies

Lucion Technologies began life in 2003 under the original company name Authoritative.Net, a name which was soon changed to Lucion Technologies. Lucion was born of a vision to create document management software geared towards the legal market. Lucion's founding members being attorneys themselves, they were familiar with the challenges of small legal offices, particularly the challenges of organizing the vast volumes of paper and electronic files that accompany a legal practice. Further, they understood that most attorneys managed their own practice without any dedicated IT staff, creating a challenge when it comes to implementing any kind of technology. With this vision in mind, they set about creating a platform that would distinguish itself by its simplicity. Lucion knew that their platform must be simple to deploy and that it must be able to easily capture the complex filing trees that firms were already maintaining on their network drives. And once deployed, the software must be intuitive to use and that it must easily capture incoming files from any source.

With these criteria in mind, Lucion Technologies produced the FileCenter platform. FileCenter was quickly embraced by the legal community and, based on feedback from its real-world users, further enhanced and refined into the preferred platform for small professional offices.

Growing into a Major Brand

Lucion quickly realized that existing document management systems were largely ignoring the SMB space, leaving a ripe opportunity to convey FileCenter to a much broader user base. So all efforts focused on expanding FileCenter from the legal vertical into the full range of small to medium-sized businesses and professional offices, everything from accountants and financial planners to doctors to manufacturing facilities and warehouses – in short, any business that deals with a high volume of electronic and paper files.

From Lucion Technologies to FileCenter

Today our FileCenter product has distinguised itself as the platform of choice for any business looking for a powerful, easy-to-implement, easy-to-use system for managing files. And with the broad recognition of the FileCenter name in this space, Lucion Technologies has decided to adopt this branding as its public face. So while nothing has changed behind the scenes, you'll now be able to refer to us by the name that has come to signify everything we do: FileCenter.