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FileCenter & FileConvert Newsletter

July 14, 2011

Adding Keywords when You Scan

FileCenter's Search tab can help you search your scans, but it relies on the scans having good keywords in them. There are two ways to put keywords in your scans.

First, you can scan with the Make Searchable PDF option. This performs "OCR" on your scan to turn the "pictures" of words into "real" words.

FileCenter 7 introduces a new scanning feature to improve searchability even more: Keywords.

When you scan in the Manage tab, a field called Keywords shows up right under the filename field. Fill it in with keywords to make your scan easy to find: client/patient names, party names, account numbers, order numbers, id or matter numbers, etc.

In fact, some users have started using keywords in lieu of OCR. For best results, use them together!

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Grab the Latest Fixes

As we continue to refine and perfect FileCenter, we post regular updates. Our latest version is FileCenter Download it today!

Download It Here!

As always, this update is free for current maintenance holders and current FileCenter 7 users.

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