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FileCenter & FileConvert Newsletter

October 12, 2011

Auto-Expand Folders

Over the years a lot of users have asked for a way to auto-expand folders. They want to open a drawer or folder and see all of the folders in it.

With the latest service release of FileCenter 7, you'll have that ability.

How Auto-Expanding Works

First you'll have to turn it on. Go to Settings > Manage Files and select Double-Clicking Drawer/Folder Expands All Sub-Folders.

And that's exactly the way the feature works. If you double-click on a folder, it will expand to show you every folder under it. Double-clicking a drawer exapnds every folder in the drawer. The little "+" symbol next to a folder will work like it always has.

The beauty of the double-click is that you can decide on a case-by-case basis whether you want to see all of the folders, and if you do, it's almost effortless.

(Because some of you are already thinking it ... no, we won't ever make it so folders always expand. We tried this once early on, and there was a huge performance hit.)

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Customer Spotlight

I must express my appreciation for FileCenter. The scope of my professional responsibilities runs broad and deep. The projects and information to which I must have easy and effective access are immense. FileCenter provides an essential tool for successfully navigating these worlds. You have created a wonderful tool which is fun to use, professionally designed, and intuitively friendly.
David Levin
ADR Director, State District Court
Co-Chair, State Bar ADR Committee

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