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Holiday Special: 20% Off Additional Licenses

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Easier Folder Templates

Folder Templates is one of those features that will not only save you a lot of manual effort, it will make your whole filing system more consistent and uniform.

If you've never used folder templates before, you're missing out on a powerful feature. In a nutshell, folder templates are pre-defined folder layouts. Use them to create a whole bunch of folders in a single shot.

The latest release of FileCenter includes a new feature that makes it even easier to set up folder templates. Historically you had to set up new templates by hand, but now you can create a new template from an existing drawer.

Here's how it works. Just select a drawer that already has the folder layout you want to use for a template, then go to the Drawers button > New Template from Folders. Finally, give the template a name, make any additional changes to the layout, and save it.

Now you can drop that folder layout (without the files) in any drawer you want. Just go to Drawers > Apply Folder Template.

Customer Spotlight

I practice as a Chartered Accountant (CPA would be a similar term to you) and I have a staff of 5. For some years now we have converted all of our paper files to pdf and store the files in Windows folders for each client.

A couple of years ago I purchased the CCH Pro System Document software at considerable cost of purchase price then training fees on how to use it. I was not happy and told everyone in the office to stop using it. We went back to just Windows Explorer and folders as we had used before.

Then recently I read a review of your product in the Australian Financial Review so I downloaded it. It looked OK so bought one licence to try it out. The product is just brilliant for our purpose. I even mentioned it to a local software developer who had actually done work on the local version of CCH Pro System Document and he agreed that your product is very intuitive.

So to use the local lingo I am just stoked over finding it. (And I can tell you stoked means it is pretty good!)

We use Adobe Acrobat but your drag and drop to append pdf files is just so simple to use.

The one thing that would make it better is to have a sharper preview image of the PDF files, as an accountant we are very number oriented and many times you just need to pick up a bit of information from a file without opening it. The preview for emails, Excel, Word, etc. are very clear, just the PDFs are bit fuzzy.

David G.
Chartered Accountant

David, go to Settings > Preview and set your PDF Preview to FileCenter PDF. That will sharpen things up!

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