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Holiday Special: 15% Off New Licenses

It's our holiday gift to you – for the rest of December, enjoy 15% off when buying new licenses!

Use this opportunity to spread the FileCenter cheer: introduce your accountant to FileCenter, give a license to that sister who has a drive full of photos to organize, or expand FileCenter in your office.

Just enter this coupon code in our web store during checkout (as many times as you want!) or contact our Sales team and mention this promotion.

Coupon Code: 2011HOLIDAY15

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File Sorting

Not too long ago we improved your ability to sort files in FileCenter. Go to FileCenter and take a look above the file window. Sandwiched between the funnel button and the binoculars you'll see a button for View Options.

You've always been able to use this button to switch between different file display styles, but now when you click the button, you'll get something new (or click the drop-arrow > File Display).

The File Display dialog helps you choose how you'll display your files, but even better, it lets you choose how you want to sort your files: by name, size, type, or date. You can also change the sort order from ascending (default) to descending. Those who prefer thumbnails will appreciate this feature, since they never had an easy way to change their sorting preference.

File Filtering

In FileCenter 7 we introduced file filtering, but a lot of users overlook it. When you have hundreds of files in a drawer or folder, file filtering is a quick way to hide irrelevant files.

Click the funnel button above the file window. You'll see a list of common file types, like Word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc. Select the file types you want to see and click the right arrow to add them to Active Filters, then click OK. Now only those file types will display. All of the other files get hidden.

To go back to a full view, click the Filter button again and select Turn Off Filtering.

And there you have it – a quick, easy way to reduce visual clutter.

Customer Spotlight

This program is Terrific. I have used a few different programs to do my job over the past almost 20 years. Nothing compares to this one. It took a few days for me to figure out all it can do for me but since then I have loved using it more and more each day. This has made my job so much easier that I now have time for other things instead of trying to make other programs work the way I want them to.

Everyone should try this program at least for a month or two. If you do I feel sure you will want to buy it.

Ray Heskamp
RDH Enterprises

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