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Regular vs. Enhanced Thumbnails

If you use FileCenter Professional, you'll notice you have two different options for viewing your files as thumbnails: Thumbnails and Enhanced Thumbnails (Files button > Views).

Regular Thumbnails

Regular thumbnails are the same thumbnails you see in Windows Explorer. This means they also have the same limitations. Namely, you only get thumbnails for image files (.jpg, .png, .bmp, etc.), and possibly some PDF and Word files. On the up-side, regular thumbnails are fast. So if you only need to browse through some digital photos, regular thumbnails will fit the bill.

Enhanced Thumbnails

Enhanced thumbnails offer three big advantages: you can see most kinds of files, you can flip through pages, and they are nearly instantaneous (once generated; see below).

Besides just image files, enhanced thumbnails work with any kind of file you can see in the preview window, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, PDF, and CAD files. Better yet, if the file has multiple pages, you can actually flip through the pages on the thumbnail. Notice the arrow buttons on the toolbar above the list of files (with the page number between them). Use these to flip through the pages of the selected thumbnail.

TIP: Right next to the arrow buttons you'll see a slider. Use this to resize the thumbnails.

The Thumbnail Cache

The first time you open a folder with enhanced thumbnails turned on, it may take a few seconds for the thumbnails to generate. Don't worry, this is just a one-time thing. In the future, those thumbnails will pop up instantly. FileCenter does this by caching copies of the thumbnails.

The thumbnail cache is kept in your FileCenter settings folder. If you have a lot of files, the cache can grow over time. If you think that's a problem, you might want to purge it periodically. Just go to the Files button > Clear Thumbnail Storage.

Customer Spotlight

I am extremely grateful that your company took the responsibility of looking after folks like myself, who found themselves trapped with their data locked into a propietary database with no real way to get things out, short of printing a pile of paper. I have used PaperMaster for it seems like 10 or 12 years, and could not really complain about my ability to store files there. I must admit that I did not exactly understand what I was letting myself in for when I started, because I did not at that time realize it was proprietary. Somewhere along the line I realized this, but things were working and so I did not worry too much about it. When I went to Windows 7 a year ago this month, I had an awakening, PaperMaster will not work. I thought, no problem, I need to upgrade.

Now an even bigger awakening, PaperMaster had abandoned us. I had not had any problems, so I had no contact with them and had no idea. And I was frantic. With a bit of study I found I could create a Virtual PC and install XP and then PaperMaster. I used this work around for one year, while looking for a suitable replacement and one that would help me save my files. I knew that even though this work around was getting me by, I was dealing with a deadend situation.

Then I found FileCenter, and I read everything I could find on it. Then there was the offer to try the product for 30 days with no investment on my part. I had to try it. And when I was stumped because I was using the wrong version of eFax reader in my conversion attempt, you supported the product as if I were a paying customer. Which I now am....

I am very, very happy I waited until I found the right product to fill my needs and I look forward to many years of satisfied use of the product. I will recommend your product wherever I can.

St. Charles, MO

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