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Holiday Special:  An Additional 20% Off!

It might be our biggest discount on FileCenter in history, and it's our holiday gift to you: for the rest of December, enjoy an additional 20% off on FileCenter Pro!

What does that mean? That means you get the current promotional web pricing PLUS another 20% off. In other words, you'll get FileCenter Pro for almost $40 off the current web special! But all good things have their limits. You can use this on as many licenses of FileCenter Pro as you want, but ONLY ONE TIME.

It's a great time to pick up more licenses for your office. Or spread the FileCenter cheer: help your mother start scanning, give a license to your clergyman so he can organize his sermons, or pick up a copy for home.

How Does It Work?

Just enter this coupon code in our web store during checkout (on the order confirmation page, after you enter your payment information), or contact our Sales team and mention this promotion.

Coupon Code: 2012HOLIDAY20

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Customer Spotlights

Just a word about FileCenter Pro I was very impressed by the ease of use of the program. As a former PaperPort user, I found FileCenter slightly different, but in the end more efficient and more logical. I can do everything I need to do, including saving files to Word with OCR, converting files to PDFs, and printing web pages to file.

But best of all, I can finally have one screen that gives me all my revelant files. Although that's possible in Windows, it's much more difficult to do.

As an English teacher, I have an ever-increasing stack of handouts and quizzes, all of which are available from one screen. The "stack" function is essential, of course, since handouts can be more than one page.

Special thanks to Jeff in tech support. Gee, he made me believe in tech support again!

Steve Morefield

We are a relatively small retail Athletic Wholesale and retail operation. In the course of our year, we not only have retail going on, but we deliver over 4000 custom orders including embroidery, silk screening, custom bags, uniforms, and everything from printed mugs to cheer leader poms. Paperwork had become a nightmare with big blue file folders everywhere. Repeat customers meant trying to not only find the previous order, but trying to dig out the art file or embroidery file. We have been using FileCenter since January 2012 and we could not be happier. Not only can we find the scanned in paperwork but each file allows us to drop and drag in our Corel files as well as our digital files controlling embroidery. Locating old paperwork and files now takes moments and not twenty to thirty minutes.

We tried Neat Desk but it would not let us control where we put things or how they would be organized. It was great for a recipe but not for a busy business. After great effort and speaking with companies supplying paperless office software to large corporations, one executive finally said to us, "we can do it, but our software starts at $15,000; however, I know a company that has just what you want: Lucion."

Most products can do most of what you need, but FileCenter is always several steps ahead of what we need. I am impressed every day.

Don't hesitate to call me for this unsolicited endorsement.

Larry Barfield
Kings Bay Athletics
14465 South Dixie Hwy
Miami, Florida 33176
305-235-1167 (store)

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