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It's Coming ... FileCenter 8!

While you've been busy doing good in your corner of the world, we've been busy refining your favorite tool so it can do you more good. FileCenter 8 is coming!

We collected your feedback, and just as importantly, we watched the way you work, and came up with some new tools to streamline and simplify it. We think you'll like what we've been doing.

So When is it Coming?


And to build anticipation, and maybe torture you just a little bit, we're giving you a sneak peek at the major additions.

Sneak Peek at FileCenter 8

Always the perfectionists, we've been streamlining the interface in subtle ways: improved the toolbar layout, cleaned up the Split view, etc. But let's cut to the chase: what you really want is new features. So let's whet your appetite:

New Inbox Tab: The Inbox is now its own tab, along with Manage, Edit, and Search. We've also made the Inbox more versatile. It's not limited to one location, and it has a new tool – File Item.

Edit Scanned Images: The single-most requested feature in the entire history of FileCenter is now here – the ability to edit a page after you've scanned it. Included tools (so far): Auto-Straighten, Manual Straighten, Eraser, Erase Area, and Redact. (Hold down the applause ... there's more to come)

More Naming Options: We've added more dynamic fields to Naming Options – File Create/Modified Date, User Name, Machine Name.

Custom Lists: You can now set up categorized lists to draw from when you name files: attorney names, document types, inventory items, status codes – anything. Use them hand-in-hand with Naming Options or instead of them. We predict this is going to become the feature you never knew you needed but that you now can't live without.

Move Item: As an alternative to the Split View, we now offer a button to help you move items. Select an item, click Move, and tell FileCenter where you want to put it. A simple solution for quick re-filing.

Scan to JPEG: For those of you who scan pictures, you're no longer limited to PDF and TIFF scanning. Now you can scan to JPEG.

New User Guide: In addition to the electronic help, we're now including a PDF user guide. Written from scratch, it covers everything from basic concepts to power features. Browse it through its side navigation, or print it and read it like a manual.

Interested in Beta Testing?

We need users who can put the new FileCenter 8 through the paces and give us feedback on bugs and usability issues we've overlooked. You'll be working with the stable beta, which is ready for daily use.

If you'd like to be a beta tester, send an e-mail and give us your Name, E-mail Address, and a daytime Phone Number.

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