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It's Here ... FileCenter 8!

FileCenter 8 is live and available for purchase! It boasts a lineup of powerful new tools without sacrificing the elegance and simplicity you've grown to love.

The new Inbox tab helps those who deal with a constant stream of incoming files. The new Edit PDF Image button in the PDF editor gives you the power to touch up scanned images. The new Custom Lists tool helps you name files from lists of common words, terms, or names. And now you can scan your photos to JPEG instead of PDF. These are just the high points. You'll find more changes in the official Release Notes, not to mention dozens of unnamed tweaks and refinements.

Is FileCenter 8 worth the upgrade? Resounding user feedback says yes!

Do I Get a Free Upgrade?

If you qualified for a free upgrade, you should have already received your FileCenter 8 key via email. (You might want to check your spam folder).

For the curious, here are the users who receive a free upgrade: those who have purchased within the last 12 months through our web store, and those who have a current maintenance plan (we send out maintenance renewal notices when your first year or current plan is expiring).

If you purchased from Amazon, you're Amazon's customer. Amazon doesn't share any purchase info or customer records with us. We will, however, extend free upgrades to users who purchased from Amazon since 10/2012. Please send proof of purchase that shows your purchase date and product key to

Is There Special Upgrade Pricing?

Absolutely! Contact our Sales team for special pricing:


Special: 10% Off Additional Licenses

Through the end of May, current users can enjoy 10% off when buying additional licenses!

New staff members? Opening a new branch? Ready to roll out FileCenter office-wide? Now is the time! Contact our Sales team at the number below and mention this promotion.


Tip: Get Your Delete Confirmations Back

If you've upgraded to Windows 8, you might have noticed that you no longer get a prompt when you delete files. As soon as you hit the delete button ... zap, the files are gone. This is true whether you're in FileCenter or not.

From the emails we're getting, you won't be alone if you're alarmed by the change. Fortunately, you can turn the confirmations back on.

Go to your Desktop (the normal one, not the new Metro desktop). Locate the Recycle Bin and right-click on it. You'll get a pop-up menu. Select Properties. On the dialog, you'll see an option called Display Delete Confirmation Dialog. Select it and hit OK.

You'll have your delete confirmations back.

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