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All-New FileCenter Manual

One of the best additions to FileCenter 8 isn't even a feature ...

Ever since the early days of FileCenter, users have been asking for a printable version of the electronic help system. We came up with one, but in doing so, realized that what users really needed was a full-fledged manual, a "user guide" that didn't just describe the various dialogs and settings, but that led the user from basic setup through advanced features.

The problem: it takes a huge amount of effort to produce a manual like that. To do it right, we'd need to write the whole thing from scratch. Well, we decided the effort would be worth the benefit to you. So once the feature set of FileCenter 8 was finalized, we began writing. You'll find the results of our efforts in the "User Guide" button on the main toolbar.

The Guide is Flexible

The User Guide can be used two ways. First, it's a fully-linked PDF file. If you display the bookmarks, you'll see the full outline of the manual. Clicking any topic will take you straight there. In addition, all cross references within the manual are hyperlinks.

For those who prefer a printed manual, you can print all 170+ pages or just the chapters that you care about. Cross references all include chapter or page references, so they're print-friendly. And the Table of Contents will help you find the topics you're looking for.

The Guide Has Something for Everyone

The User Guide contains three sections. Section 1 is intended for beginners. It teaches the concepts behind FileCenter and helps a new user get set up and comfortable with the basic feature set. Section 2 then dives into each part of FileCenter, explaining the more advanced features and how to get the most out of them. Finally, Section 3 explains how to do common tasks, like moving a cabinet or making a custom signature stamp.

The User Guide is still a work in progress, so watch for occasional updates.

Bookmarking Locations

The Favorites feature seems to slip under the radar of most users. Even we forget it's there sometimes. But when we remember to put it to use, it saves us a lot of needless clicking.

Favorites are nothing more than bookmarks for drawers or folders. You'll find them above the list of files. In some older versions of FileCenter, they're under a button with a blue star. In other versions, the button is labeled "Favorites".

The Basics

Here's how to use the feature: Go to some drawer/folder you visit frequently. Click the Favorites button > Add Favorite, and give it a name. That's it. Now go somewhere else in FileCenter. Click the Favorites button, and notice that the location you just saved is on the list. Click it. FileCenter will pop you right back to that location.

A Few Tricks

Now for some magic. Open the Split view. If you add this location as a favorite, you'll notice that it includes the split view. If you regularly use the split view to move files between two specific locations, you can set up a favorite to take you straight there.

One more bit of magic. Click the Explorer button on the far right-hand side of FileCenter, right above the list of files. This takes you into an Explorer view. Select any location that isn't in a cabinet, and add it as a favorite. If you select this bookmark in the future, FileCenter will take you to Explorer view and pop you into the folder. This is a great way to get to your Windows TEMP folder to clean it out occasionally.

One last note: your favorites are also available in the Save/Open dialogs. Play around with the Favorites feature. If you can remember it's there, it can eliminate a lot of repetitive clicking.

Customer Spotlights

I am a very small law firm – me. I also teach in an online distance learning university. I have used FileCenter for many years now. I could not imagine life without it. I use it to keep track of my almost completely paperless law office and all my school materials and submissions.

The program is great but the customer support is terrific, and has not become any less so in all the years I have been a user. THAT, to me, is stellar.


Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much we use and appreciate FileCenter. We have been using it for almost two years and think it is the best program. Prior to FileCenter, we were using PaperPort for about fourteen years. At first, PaperPort met our needs as a small startup business. But as we grew and changed, PaperPort did not and, as we upgraded from one Microsoft operating system to another, we found PaperPort was not keeping up with our changes and technology changes. A little over two years ago we started surfing the Internet to find a program that worked well with our needs. Somehow, we stumbled into an on-line discussion of FileCenter, PaperPort, and some other image and file management software. FileCenter was the leader of the pack in the discussions. Sure enough, when we tried the trial version of FileCenter, we were sold!

All of our associates are in "love" with FileCenter and how well it meets their needs for file management, as well as how easy it is to use for scanning and OCRing. We also appreciate your dedication to always finding ways to enhance and improve FileCenter.

One of the functions I really wanted and had been meaning to write to you about was my need to be able to define my own filter extensions ... and wouldn't you know it, before I could request it, it was included in the [next] update! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Richmond, VA

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