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To commemorate the new integration between FileCenter and FileConvert, we're putting FileConvert on sale for the best price we've ever made available.

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New FileCenter-FileConvert Integration

If you do a lot of scanning, then you already know that the real scanning bottleneck is OCR. Today's scanners can pull pages through blazingly fast, but OCR can still take upwards of ten seconds per page or more, depending on the page quality. That leaves you spending a lot of time drumming your fingers on your desk.

We do all we can to speed up OCR, but at the end of the day, it's a slow, intensive process. In the early days of computing, if anyone remembers, OCR pushed processors to the edge of their processing power. While we've sped OCR up significantly over the last fifteen years and pushed accuracy to nearly 100%, it's still the speed bump in the paperless office.

Well, the latest release of FileCenter gives you a way to eliminate that speed bump. FileCenter can now integrate with FileConvert, our fully-automated conversion engine. FileCenter handles the scanning, and FileConvert takes care of the OCR either silently in the background or during off-hours, like overnight.

To explain, FileConvert is an autonomous, high-end OCR engine that's designed to run invisibly in the background. Offices usually use it to update their thousands of old scans to searchable PDF or to watch a network scanner or a folder for new scans to OCR. It has scheduling features so you can choose when it will be active and when it will lie dormant.

With the new integration, FileCenter passes a list of new scans to FileConvert. FileConvert will then invisibly and automatically take care of the OCR, according to whatever schedule you choose. This means you can now scan just as fast as your scanner will pull the paper through, and you can leave the OCR for FileConvert to do at a more convenient time.

Setting Up the Integration

The first requirement for the integration is that you have both FileCenter Professional and a copy of FileConvert. Note that FileConvert is a separate product. But lucky for you, it's on sale this month (see the offer above).

Step 1: Create a Folder

FileCenter passes FileConvert lists of new scans that need to be OCRed. It needs a folder where it can posts these lists (which we call "Batch Files").

Your first step in setting up the integration is to create a folder somewhere that both FileCenter and FileConvert can see it. We suggest calling the folder something like "FileCenter Scan Lists", but the name really doesnít matter.

Important: Do not put scans in this folder! In fact, don't do anything with this folder. Just set it up then forget it's there.

Step 2: Set Up a FileConvert Job

Next go to FileConvert and set up a conversion job to handle the scans from FileCenter. Call the job whatever you want. The only important thing is that when you create the job, you select the option called Use Batch Files (at the top of the dialog, near the Manual/Scheduled job options), then set the Batch File Folder field to the folder you created in the last step.

Youíll also want to select Keep Converted Files in Original Folders and set up a schedule.

Step 2: Set Up FileCenter

Finally, go to Settings in FileCenter and select the OCR section on the left. Then check the option called Enable FileConvert Integration, and browse to the folder you created in step 1.

Using the Integration

When you scan in FileCenter, turn off OCR. In other words, donít select any of these options on the OCR tab: Make Searchable PDF, Process Separators, or Auto-Rotate Pages.

Every time you scan, FileCenter will let FileConvert know thereís a new file to OCR. Then whenever your FileConvert job runs, it will take care of the OCR.

When Will FileConvert Do the OCR? That's up to you. Your FileConvert job has a Schedule option where you determine when the job will be active and when it will be dormant. For example, if you want it to constantly OCR new files, set the job to run every minute. If you want it to OCR new files after hours, set the schedule to run during the night. If you want to initiate OCR manually, set the job to Manual.

How Can I Tell When a Fileís Been Done? Your FileConvert job has a History tab that shows the status of every file sent to FileConvert.

Can I Still Use OCR in FileCenter? Yes. If you choose any OCR options when you scan in FileCenter, FileCenter will take care of the OCR itself and wonít pass that file to FileConvert.

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