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The Need for Redundancy »

The Need for Redundancy

What would you guess is the most alarming inquiry our tech support team hears? This is it: I just deleted a file or folder, and I need to know how to get my data back.

Every day, our customers scan or otherwise add thousands of documents to their computers, believing that the documents are now "permanently saved" in electronic format. But let's face it: hard drives do fail, mis-deletes do happen, and not all your co-workers are as careful as you are. Even though our products have never contained file protection features, it makes our hearts sink every time we realize a customer just lost an important file. And it happens far too often.

Our only response to these inquires is, were you backing up your files? It appears that many of our users do in fact use some kind of backup software or cloud service. But let us tell you another phrase we hear more often than we'd like: For some reason I can't find the file in my backup or cloud service. What can I do?

The Need for Redundancy

Well, this leads us to the main point of this newsletter. We are finding that one source of backup just isn't enough. In our company, we have always employed two or three levels of backup. Why? Because, like most small offices, computer files are the life blood of our business.

Better safe than sorry. To address the need for redundancy that we are seeing out there, we are looking to offer a new online backup solution in the near future called FileBackup. To us, the two biggest requirements must be (i) business-grade protection and (ii) very affordable pricing (since the focus is redundancy).

So if you're already using a backup or cloud service you love, by all means stick with it. But consider adding a second layer of protection, especially when it comes to the very life-blood of your business. The incredibly affordable plans below should be a no brainer. Most sleeping pills cost more than this per month, but only FileBackup will help you sleep with the peace of mind that your data is redundantly protected. And 500 GB of space should cover everything including the kitchen sink.

The Need for Redundancy

While it's not quite available yet, here's what we have in mind:

  Size Cost
Plan A: 25 GB $10/month
Plan B: 500 GB $25/month

For our existing customers, we're thinking of offering the full 500 GB plan for just $60 for the first year, then regular pricing thereafter. Just $5/month for the added security of knowing your files are double-protected.

What Do You Think?

We'd love your feedback about on this. Is the need real? Is it affordable enough? Do you have any interest? Just reply to this email and tell us what you think. Also let us know if you'd like to take if for a test run before we release it. Again, just reply to this email and let us know.

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