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Introducing FileCenter CrashPlan

In our last newsletter, we stressed the need for redundancy in backing up your computers files. In this newsletter, we would like to introduce you to FileCenter CrashPlan! This is our new online backup product designed to give you that redundancy. In a nutshell, it will give you UNLIMITED backup storage for up to FOUR computers. So whether you are happy with your current backup solution or not, I can assure you that taking FileCenter CrashPlan for a no obligation test drive will be worth your while.

A Secure Partnership

FileCenter CrashPlan is a partnership we arranged with a company called Code 42, the makers of the already popular and reputable CrashPlan. Our offering to you is the "enterprise" grade edition of their CrashPlan product (that's the highest grade of the three editions they offer: home, pro, and enterprise). FileCenter CrashPlan will give you what we feel is one of the best backup solutions out there and the support of our company and Code 42. This partnership allows us to focus our time and attention on what we do best, which is FileCenter, but still provide you with a backup and recovery solution to insure your files and small office.

Why CrashPlan? Love at First Use

So why did we choose CrashPlan? Well, give it a try and you'll know right away. There are very few products out there that we can say, "it was love at first sight," or in this case, "love at first use." We practice what we preach about redundancy, so we have used most of the backup products out there. But when we installed CrashPlan, we immediately loved it. I actually now look forward to restoring a file, for whatever reason, because the interface is so fun and easy to use. And the way it backs up every version of a file gets me out of those Save versus Save As mistakes.

UNLIMITED Storage on FOUR Computers

FileCenter CrashPlan will give you UNLIMITED storage for up to FOUR computers. This means you can use the same account to back up your work, home, laptop, or other computer. You can then view and restore any of your backed up files from any one of these computers or your mobile phone (yes, there is a mobile app). You'll get all this for $20 per month or $240 per year. But since you are a current FileCenter user, we'll do the first year for $180.

We understand there are cheaper plans out there for home and consumer use. But if you do a bit of research on "enterprise" or "business" grade backup you'll see our prices are extremely reasonable (if not on the low end), especially for up to four computers and unlimited storage. Even CrashPlan Home will cost you close to $15 per month once you go to multiple computers. And the normal CrashPlan Pro for business will be $40 per month for four computers.

This is Insurance

Please don't miss the main point of this offering. Our proposition here is really a $240 per year insurance policy on your critical files, the data upon which your small business depends. We really do want you to sleep better at night. So if you value your business more than a couple of lunches a month, please give us a serious look.

If this isn't right for you, fine. We understand. And if you like what you have better, fine too. But do seriously consider the idea of redundancy. I must say that I am a bit amazed at how many of you in your feedback and support cases indicate that you are using sync programs like Dropbox and SugarSync or other cloud devices like Google drive and OneDrive as your sole means of data backup. Please don't misunderstand. We love these programs too. But not for data protection. That is not their primary design.

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, the thing that drove us to look into a backup offering was that dreaded support case in which you tell us that you accidently deleted a file and can we help you find it. So you may not share our enthusiasm about FileCenter CrashPlan, but please do something. In the end, I can assure you that giving FileCenter CrashPlan a free test run for a couple of weeks won't be a waste of your time. At the very least, it will give you something with which to compare your current backup solution. Then, if you like it, great! If not, just uninstall it.

Thanks again for your interest in our products.

Jeff Pickard
Lucion Technologies

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