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The PDF Previewer: More than Meets the Eye

We're always looking to help you get the most out of your FileCenter document scanning and paperless office software. Do you spend a lot of time working with PDFs in FileCenter's Edit tab? If so, this tip is for you. You're probably used to opening a PDF in the Edit tab, making your annotations and changes, saving, closing, and switching back to the Manage tab, just to find the next PDF and start the whole process over. What if we told you that you can do all of this without ever leaving the Manage tab?

For this month's tip, we'd like to pull back the curtain on the PDF Previewer. In doing so, we might even help you get a little more productivity out of FileCenter. But before we begin, let's get on the same page. FileCenter supports multiple preview options, and we need to make sure you're looking at the right one. So do this: Go to FileCenter's Settings, select Preview on the left, and make sure that PDF Preview is set to Enhanced.

The Truth Revealed

In the Manage tab, select (but don't open) a PDF file. If the Preview window isn't open, click the File Preview button up on the main toolbar. Now take a close look at the PDF preview window. It looks similar to the PDF editor in the Edit tab, right? Well between you and me, it isn't just similar to the PDF editor, it is the PDF editor, just with some buttons and clutter stripped off. But if you're clever, you can expose almost every feature of the PDF editor. To what benefit, you ask?

You will now be able to make your PDF edits right in the preview window. No more hassle opening/closing PDFs, and no more switching between tabs. Just select a PDF, make your changes, then hit the little Save button in the preview window to commit them. Then move on to the next file; FileCenter will swap out the files automatically (if you forgot to save your changes, FileCenter will prompt you).

Turning on Features

Here are a few features you might want to turn on:

Thumbnails – Click the Options button below the preview (on the same bar as the page navigation controls) > View > Pages Thumbnails.

More Toolbars – Right-click on the PDF editor's toolbar (in blank space). You'll get a pop-up menu that lists all of the toolbars available. Select the toolbars you want to see. You'll probably want to show the Properties Toolbar since it shows the font, color, and border options when you're typing and doing annotations.

Menu Bar – As before, right-click on a toolbar. On the pop-up menu, select Menu Bar. The menu bar exposes every feature available.

Happy editing!

My Server Melted Down ...

For the last couple of months, we've been touting CrashPlan as an excellent layer of protection for your valuable business files. FileCenter user Brian Scott, a busy CPA out of San Francisco, now agrees.

Brian decided to give CrashPlan a try even though he was flooded with tax season. Early February 10, he signed on. That night he locked up his office and headed home without a single thought for CrashPlan or his data. He also left unaware that the fan on his server was in the act of dying. The next morning he unlocked his office to that tell-tale smell of burned electronics, only to discover that his server had melted down overnight. Complete data loss. Brian and his staff had returns to prepare and records they needed to access, but no way to access them.

Fast forward a few hours. Brian and his staff are back at work exactly where they'd left off the night before, no data lost. In Brian's words:

I converted a spare workstation to a temporary file server, installed CrashPlan, and within two hours had all of our data downloaded and restored. By the time it was done, I had re-mapped our workstations to the new server, reloaded the Lacerte 2013 and 2014 programs, and gotten us back on the air successfully with what we can tell is our most recent data from yesterday. I had thought about using a local backup disk, but found that it was easy to restore from the Cloud and didn't take that long. The worst happened during tax season, and we hardly missed a beat.

Brian H Scott, CPA
San Francisco, CA
February 11, 2015

About CrashPlan

CrashPlan online backup provides unlimited backup storage for up to four computers. Even if you already have a backup solution, CrashPlan gives you that extra layer of protection. Not only does it protect against server meltdowns, because it's off-site it will also preserve your data in the event of a fire, hardware theft, or natural disaster. Why wait? Start your free trial!

FileCenter 9 is Coming ...

We've been busy gathering your feedback and figuring out where your favorite paperless office software needs refining. As we write this newsletter, FileCenter 9 is under active development, with a release targeted for later this summer. How can you be ready for it?

Easy. Make sure you're current on your Maintenance plan. Did you know that users who are current on Maintenance get upgrades automatically? And did you know that the cost of Maintenance is just a fraction of what it would cost you to pay for an upgrade? It makes good business sense.

To find out if you're current on your Maintenance, contact a member of our Sales team:


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