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Naming Options

If you're not familiar with FileCenter's Naming Options, pause your reading right now and go watch our tutorial video called Naming Options, Part 1. It will get you quickly up to speed.

We'll let the video show you how to use naming options. In this article, let's focus on why. We can give you three solid reasons to start using naming options: speed, accuracy, and consistency.

When your workflow involves a constant stream of inbound files, naming and renaming take time and mental engergy. Naming options reduce that to just a few mouse clicks. Some may say that the aggregate time saving doesn't add up to much, but naming options also save mental effort. By that, we mean that you don't have to shift mental gears to figure out a name. Reducing mental effort can really matter when you already deal with constant stress.

The second benefit, accuracy, simply refers to the fact that naming options completely eliminate typos (unless you add additional text after). How much does that matter? If you rely on filename searches, it matters quite a bit.

Finally, naming options enforce consistency. Consistency makes more of a difference when it comes to locating and retrieving files than any other factor. Excellent consistency leads to fast file lookups. If you haven't already come up with a consistent naming convention for your files, take fifteen minutes and devise one. You can find helpful guidelines, examples, and suggestions in FileCenter's User Guide, chapter 8.1.

Tip: Bulk Renaming

Here's tip for power-users. Users often ask us if FileCenter lets them rename a bunch of files at once. If you use FileCenter Professional, then yes. To do it, you need to use the Split View, potentially with Naming Options.

Before we begin, make sure you're on the latest service release. Also, go into FileCenter's Settings > Manage Files and set the Default Increment to whatever style of file counter you want to use.

And by the way, it goes without saying that you should do these experiments on dummy files, right?

Example 1: Unified Name with Counter

First, let's try a scenario I use all the time. I frequenly want to rename a collection of digital photos from their default numeric names to something more sensible, like Beach House 01.jpg, Beach House 02.jpg, etc.

Open the Split View. In the top window, go to the folder that holds the files you want to rename. If you don't want to move the files, select the same folder in the bottom window.

In the middle bar (labeled Drag & Drop), select the Move option on the left and Rename on Drop. Next to that, enter the filename you want for the files, minus the counter (e.g. Beach House). Now in the top window, select all of the files you want renamed, and drag them to the bottom window. Like magic, they'll all change to the new name with a counter.

Example 2: Retain the Original Name

The first example is great if you want all of the files to have the same name, but what if you want to retain the original name? For example, what if you have a lot of descriptive filenames, but you want to add the text "Jones Estate" at the beginning? This is where we use naming options.

Click the Naming button on the main toolbar, then Add a new naming option. In our example, we'll type Jones Estate in the Expression field. Next we'll select the General option above, highlight ORIGINAL Name, then click Insert Field into Expression. Let's add some spaces and a dash to separate that from our Jones Estate text. The final expression should look like this:

Jones Estate - «ORIGINAL Name»

Click OK, then Close the naming options dialog. Now back in FileCenter, we'll do exactly the same thing we did in the first example. The only difference is that instead of typing in a filename, we're going to click the drop-arrow at the right of that filename field and select our naming option from the list (you might need to select a file before that option will show up).

Like before, drag and drop your files from the top view to the bottom. FileCenter will rename them automatically using your naming option.

Feedback Requested

We are busy beefing up Naming Options for FileCenter 9. As you read this, we are in the process of adding a couple of powerful new options. First, the ability to use document or OCR text in your naming options. Second, the ability to use text from a barcode.

What other naming option fields would you find useful? If you have a great idea for a naming option field, along with a real-world example of how it would be used, please reply to this newsletter and tell us about it. The more detail the better. Also give us contact information in case our product team would like to chat with you for more clarification.

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