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FileCenter 9 ... Just around the Corner! »

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FileCenter 9 ... Just around the Corner!

FileCenter 9 will be here by mid-September. We've been hard at work on the most popular feature requests, and some refinements of our own. Here are a few highlights to whet your appetite:

Back/Forward Buttons:  You've been asking for them for years. Now you'll have them. Quickly move back and forth between locations you visited recently with Back and Forward buttons.

Folder Status Indicators:  You'll now have the option to see whether a folder has files in it or not. A small icon on each folder will tell you its status.

Improved Outlook Drag/Drop:  When you drop Outlook messages into FileCenter, you'll now get the same options you'd see if you used the Outlook Addin, including the ability to remove attachments and have the file date match the message date. The Outlook Add-in isn't required. (Pro only)

Faster OCR:  From our benchmarks, OCR speed has improved by an average of 33%. (Pro only)

Bookmarks when Scanning:  You can now add bookmarks to your PDFs when you scan (or combine PDFs), making it easier to see where individual documents are in the scan. (Pro only)

Barcode Support:  Yup. You will now be able to use your own barcodes as separators. You'll also be able to use barcode text in Naming Options. In other words, separation and naming just got even more dynamic. (Pro only)

Naming Option Improvements:  If barcode support is the icing on the cake, you're also getting sprinkles on the icing on the cake. You'll now be able to automatically pull text out of your document to use in the filename (when doing scanning and OCR). We also let you use dates in your Custom Lists, and modify the current date on-the-fly for Naming Options. (Pro only)

And of course, many other improvements. What hasn't changed is the clean, streamlined interface you're used to. We remain committed to keeping clutter to a minimum while putting the features you need at your fingertips.

What about FileConvert?

FileConvert has undergone some major improvements as well. FileConvert, like FileCenter, can now use barcodes as separators and barcode text in Naming Options. Naming Options can also draw from the OCR text.

On the performance front, FileConvert will now OCR two pages concurrently. If you use FileConvert Pro Plus, you'll additionally be able to process up to six documents at a time.

New: Training & Consulting Services

We want to see you succeed with your paperless office. We want you to understand not just how to operate the software, but the most effective ways to use it. We want you to work intelligently and efficiently. In short, we succeed in our business when you and your staff succeed in your business.

In our ongoing effort to provide you with the resources you need to successfully implement a paperless office, we have now launched a Professional Services department aimed specifically at providing you with the training and consulting help that you need. What do we offer?

Implementation Assistance:  Get up and running quickly by having us help you set up and configure your system.

Remote Training:  Let us train your staff either individually or with as many folks in the room as you'd like. Thanks to great technologies like teleconferencing and remote computer control, we can visit your office virtually, giving you personalized attention while offering affordable rates.

On-Site Training & Consulting  For those who want the highest level of attention and assistance, bring one of our consultants on-site to help you deploy your software, work out technical details in person, and provide staff-wide training or even over-the-shoulder tutoring. There's no better way to get up and running quickly, especially for large organizations.

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