FileCenter Newsletter - March 2018

Psst ... We Have a New Video!

It's hard to keep a lid on good news. And from what you've told us, that's how most of you feel about FileCenter. In fact, many of you found us thanks to someone else spreading the word. The trouble is, it can be hard to describe exactly what FileCenter does.

To make it easier for you to spread the joy, we've put together a new video. This video gives a fun introduction to FileCenter in less than five minutes:

FileCenter, A True Story  (watch it on YouTube)

Watch it, like it, share it ... in short, spread the joy! It's never been easier.

Tip of the Month: Folder/Drawer Colors

The most-requested feature in the history of FileCenter found its way into FileCenter 10 (Pro/Pro Plus): the ability to tag drawers and folders with a color.

Some of you like to use coloring to indicate a status. Others use it like a color label. And some of you are no doubt using this feature with a creative spin that would, honestly, blow our socks off. Because if there's one thing time has shown us it's that you are a remarkably resourceful bunch of folks.

For those who haven't discovered this feature yet, here's a quick overview.

Applying Color

This feature works on both drawers and folders. It applies a small band of color to the item – just enough to mark it without being visually distracting. Do this:

  1. Select the folder or drawer
  2. Right-click on it OR ...
  3. Click the Folders (or Drawers) button
  4. Select Paint Folder (or Drawer)
  5. Choose your color
  6. Click OK

To remove the color, repeat those steps but click Clear instead of a color.

Does it work on a network?

Good question. It will work fine on a Windows network as long as the network uses standard Windows drives (NTFS). If you have your files on a NAS drive or a USB drive, there's a good chance this feature won't work for you.

But I don't have this feature!

That's an easy fix! Read on ...

You Know FileCenter 10 is Out, Right?

In fact, FileCenter 10 has been out for almost a year. If you're still sitting on an older version or you've limited yourself with FileCenter Standard, it's time to make the jump to FileCenter 10 Pro or, better yet, Pro Plus. We've got some great March Madness specials running. Give us a call: 801-722-7098. Or reply to this newsletter and let us know you need an upgrade.

What History Says about Maintenance

Perhaps the most overlooked benefit of a Maintenance Plan is free updates. Not free upgrades (like from FileCenter 9 to FileCenter 10) – the benefit there is obvious. Rather, free updates, as in unlimited service releases. To appreciate this benefit, let's look back over the recent history of FileCenter.

FileCenter 8 was released five years ago with seven new major features. The real story, though, is what happened over the following months. Twenty more features found their way into FileCenter 8.

FileCenter 9 had a similar story. It saw a whopping 22 additional features implemented after the first release.

We released FileCenter 10 just under a year ago. Since its release, we've already added seven more features, including the folder colorizing feature we're spotlighting above.

In fact, history has shown that we roll out a new feature, on the average, monthly (see our change log).

Who gets these new features? Maintenance holders! To check the status of your maintenance plan, give your Sales Rep a call:

FileCenter Sales

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