FileCenter Newsletter - May 2018

Tip:  Hidden Power in the Split View

We've packed a lot of power into FileCenter's Split view – more than most of you realize. For the next two months, we'll go over some of it. Let's get started with one of the most powerful but least obvious uses for the split view.

The Split View and the PDF Editor

It's an unlikely marriage: the split view and FileCenter's PDF editor; but you'll soon see it's a marriage made in heaven.

Try this:

  1. Go to FileCenter's Edit tab
  2. Click the Split button to open the split view
  3. In the split view, go to a drawer with PDFs in it
  4. Drag a PDF into the PDF editor

The PDF opens in the editor. Fun, but not mind-blowing. So now do this: grab another PDF in the split view and drag it into the PDF you already have open. Now things get interesting.

You can insert PDFs into other PDFs simply by dragging them in from the split view and dropping them into the page position where you want them.

Now let's try that the other direction. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and select some of the thumbnails in the PDF editor. Drag those pages from the PDF editor down into the split view. Just like that, you've exported PDF pages into their own file.

Impressive stuff; but still shy of mind-blowing. For that, go back into the split view and locate a Word document (or digital photo, or similar). Drag it up into the PDF editor and drop it in your PDF.

When the pages from the Word document show up as PDFs, it should dawn on you what just happened. With a simple drag-and-drop, you converted a Word file to PDF and even inserted it into another PDF. Let that soak in a minute.

And that, folks, may just blow your mind. We hope so.

(FileCenter takes a bow ...)

To be continued next month ...

So What's New?

Quite a bit, actually. In fact, since we released FileCenter 10 almost exactly a year ago, we've added seven new features to it; and we're not done. More new features are in beta as we speak.

Most software companies would call us nuts. New features should mean new versions and fresh revenue. We don't think like that. We've got heads bursting with innovative ways to help you work better. We don't want to hold those back from you.

You see, to us, you're not just customers. You're business owners. You're the life blood of companies. You're the productive members of society. And we love nothing more than helping you work better. So for those of you loyal enough to keep FileCenter current, we'll keep updating it with the latest features – our show of loyalty to you.

Are you still sitting on an old version of FileCenter? Maybe FileCenter 9, 8, or even 7? Look at all you've been missing:

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If you'd like to get caught up, please give us a call. We'd love to help you.

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