FileCenter Newsletter - August 2018

Scanner Roundup

It's possibly the most common question we're asked: What scanner do you recommend for FileCenter? (See below for a couple of scanners that have been well-tested with FileCenter)

In this issue, we thought we'd run through our advice for picking a scanner. This matters, because nothing will turn your paperless freeway into a rocky, back-woods road faster than a poor scanner.

You Get What You Pay For!

It's always the first piece of advice to leave our lips. Don't skimp on your scanner! How much of a difference can it really make if I shave off a few bucks? you ask. You'd be surprised. You'll notice a difference in speed, in the frequency of paper jams, in how long the unit lasts, and in a key item that nobody tends to think about: in the quality of the driver.

The scanner driver is the point of communication between your scanner and FileCenter. It's the driver that actually operates the scanner and delivers the pages to FileCenter. Poor drivers yield spotty connections, freeze up constantly, and generally raise your blood pressure.

How about Multi-Function Machines?

Avoid multi-function machines ... especially the cheap ones. By "multi-function" we mean printer/scanner/copier/fax combo machines. The problem? Refer to the prior section. While they seem like a great bargain, what you end up with is a worst-of-breed printer/scanner/copier/fax machine. "Jack of all trades, master of none" comes to mind. It's worth noting that the vast majority of the scanner-related support cases we field stem from a multi-function machine.

How about Wireless Scanners?

Again, avoid them. They seem like an attractive option, but from our experience the wireless connections tend to be flakey, especially on cheap machines. It's not uncommon for a wireless connection to work fine for months, then suddenly fail to connect no matter what you try. Save the headache and embrace USB connections.

Then What Should I Get?

Go for a high-quality, desktop scanner. Sheet-fed scanners which load from the top have a small footprint. You can get a flatbed scanner with a sheet feeder, but only go this route if you really need the flatbed, since the sheet feeders on these tend to be slower.

Don't go lower than these specs:

  • 200 DPI resolution (300-600 dpi recommended)
  • Scans in black & white, grayscale, and color
  • Scans at least 25 pages per minute
  • Scans in duplex (double-sided)
  • Has a high-quality TWAIN driver*
  • Connects via USB cable

What brands? Our users consistently have good success with business-class Canon, Epson, and Fujitsu scanners.

*Exception: The Fujitsu ScanSnap does not come with a TWAIN driver, but FileCenter has a special integration just for the ScanSnap. It's a fantastic scanner, BTW.

Need a New Scanner? We Can Now Help You With That Too!

Because so many of you have come to us for scanner advice, we recently decided to offer two desktop scanners that we use here at our office. They have been well-tested with FileCenter and come priced as low as you'll find on the web. These latest-generation Canon scanners are fast, reliable, and like we said, well-tested with FileCenter.

Canon DR-M260:  Scans at a blistering 60 pages per minute. Full-color, double-sided (duplex) scanning, advanced sheet-feeding technology, capable of handling 7,500 pages per day, and comes with an incredible 5-year warranty. Highly recommended.  (more info)

Canon DR-C230:  For those on a budget, this unit scans 30 pages per minute. Also scans in full color and double-sided.  (more info)

Special Deal: Buy a Scanner, Get a Free FileCenter License

For the rest of this month, with each purchase of the DR-M260 scanner, we'll toss in an additional license of FileCenter Pro Plus (a $250 value). To take advantage of this offer, email a copy of your scanner receipt of purchase to our Sales team and they'll issue you a new license (or increment your license count, if you already use Pro Plus):

To purchase either scanner, visit this page:


To contact Sales:

  phone:  801-722-7098
  hours:  9:00am to 5:00pm, Mountain Time

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