Windows Update Affects Scanners

For many users, the most recent Windows update removes their scanner drivers. If your scanner stops working after the Windows update:

FIRST try restarting your computer. This restores the drivers for some users.

If you have the option, try re-running the update. This has worked for some users.

If all else fails, reinstall the scanner drivers yourself. You can download your drivers from your scanner maker's website.

More information is available on the Microsoft website »

NOTE: This is a Windows issue, not a FileCenter issue.

MalwareBytes Flags FileCenter as Riskware

When you launch FileCenter, MalwareBytes pops up a warning that says "Website blocked due to riskware."


What's happening: When you launch FileCenter, the software checks your license status against our server. FileCenter has always done this. MalwareBytes, however, just recently began flagging this communication attempt as riskware.

MalwareBytes flags any outbound communication that any program makes. It's essentially just warning you that the program is trying to contact a website so that you can decide if the program is doing anything improper.

You can tell MalwareBytes that FileCenter is safe. Just follow these instructions:

Easy Method:

Locate the MalwareBytes icon down near the clock in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. You may need to click the "Up" arrow to show all of the icons there. Right-click on the MalwareBytes icon and select Add Web Exclusion for

Alternative Method:

  1. Open MalwareBytes
  2. Go to the Settings section on the left
  3. Select the Exclusions tab at the top
  4. Click Add Exclusion then Exclude a Website
  5. Select Exclude a url
  6. Type in
  7. Click OK

The Email Button Fails with Outlook

A recent Outlook update prevents FileCenter's Email button from working. To correct the problem, please see these instructions from Microsoft »

Windows Search Stopped Working in FileCenter

A recent Windows update negatively impacted FileCenter's Windows Search integration. The common symptom is an error stating that the selected location can't be searched, but you may see other errors as well.

The Fix

We have adjusted FileCenter to handle the glitch. Our latest service release has the fix. Please install it right over the top of your current version:

Go to Downloads »

Who Qualifies for the Update?

Current FileCenter 10 users qualify for the update. Anyone who purchased FileCenter 9 within the last 12 months also qualifies, though you'll need a new FileCenter 10 key (contact Sales for your key).

The fix is not available for FileCenter 9 and older, since these have been retired. It is only available for the current version. This point accentuates the importance of keeping FileCenter current through Maintenance. Your computer environment is a maze of delicate software connections and integrations which often get affected by updates. We put a lot of effort into keeping FileCenter current with the endless changes, but we can only do that for the current version.

To get Maintenance or upgrade to FileCenter 10, please Contact Sales.

Outlook Add-in Crashes

A recent Windows update causes the Outlook Add-in to crash, sometimes preventing Outlook from starting. Follow these steps to fix the problem:

  1. Close Outlook
  2. Download the latest version
  3. Install it over your current version (you won't lose any data)

After installing, open FileCenter and do the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Outlook
  2. Make sure that Enable Outlook Add-in is selected
  3. Click OK
  4. Open Outlook
  5. Confirm that the add-in is working

If the Outlook Add-in still won't open, do the following:

  1. Close Outlook
  2. Go back to the drop-arrow under the Help button > Support Options
  3. Click Unregister Outlook Add-in
  4. Click Register Outlook Add-in
  5. Open Outlook
  6. Confirm that the add-in is working