Looking for Batch Fax Conversion Software? Try FileConvert!

FileConvert is batch fax conversion software with an intuitive feature set designed for the layperson. Better yet, FileConvert is fully automated. For example, FileConvert can search your folders for files to convert, or it will watch a specific folder and automatically convert incoming files to searchable PDF. Discover FileConvert, the simplest and most affordable batch fax conversion software available.

About Converting Fax Files to PDF

PDF has expanded in popularity, to the point that it is now the standard format for archiving files. As a result, it has become important to have quality paperless PDF software to convert fax files to PDF. Why? PDF is specifically designed for file archival. Even decades in the future, you will still be able to open your PDF files. Additionally, PDF is a searchable format, meaning that you can search the words in the file, even if it is a scanned document. To make this possible, FileConvert automatically includes OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, to convert PDF to OCR. It is batch fax conversion software that will give you a PDF file that looks just like the original, but is fully searchable.

Why Do You Need Batch Fax Conversion Software?

You should use batch fax conversion software any time that you are dealing with fax documents. PDF is the storage format of choice. A PDF copy of a document carries the same weight as the original to government agencies, not to mention that, in the case of scanned documents, it meets document retention requirements without you having to store paper originals. Additionally, many government offices now require PDF files for all electronic submissions. You should consider batch fax conversion software a necessary tool.

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Why You Need FileConvert

Accomplish More With FileConvert

For those needing to convert and OCR thousands of documents to fully searchable PDF, FileConvert is the easy answer. Designed to be simple enough for average users and priced within reach of small businesses, FileConvert will work behind the scenes to make sure that your document archives are kept fully searchable ... effortlessly.  Learn more about FileConvert.

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