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A Lacerte DMS Alternative and Replacement that Doesn't Force You into the Cloud

When Intuit announced that they've discontinued Lacerte DMS and that their recommended replacement required moving client data to the Cloud, they triggered an angry backlash from firms that aren't willing to entrust their client files to the Internet. But is there an alternative to Lacerte DMS that doesn't require you to use the Cloud? Absolutely. And the alternative is FileCenter.

This article will walk you through some key comparisons and show you why we recommend FileCenter DMS.

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Lacerte DMS Alternative and Replacement Summary

  • Don't lose the PDF support you enjoyed in Lacerte DMS!
  • Avoid getting locked into a database again
  • Make the Cloud optional
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Does FileCenter integrate with Lacerte Tax Software?
Can I bring my Lacerte clients into FileCenter?
Can I still print PDFs from Lacerte to my client folders?

Yes, yes, and yes. FileCenter integrates seamlessly with Lacerte so that PDFs will save under your clients. FileCenter also includes its own PDF printer so you can store anything as a PDF.

FileCenter even goes a step further. It lets you store any file from almost any program. Do you want to save Word documents or Excel spreadsheets in your client folders? FileCenter integrates with those programs too ... and hundreds of others.   Learn More »

Don't Lose the PDF Support You Enjoyed in Lacerte DMS!

You rely heavily on being able to generate PDFs in Lacerte and save them out to your client files. Don't give up that ability! Replacing Lacerte DMS shouldn't mean giving up features like the ability to easily organize PDFs by client. FileCenter DMS includes its own PDF print driver that integrates seamlessly with Lacerte. Better still, FileCenter includes a built-in PDF editor where you can view and annotate those PDF files, along with a whole assortment of PDF tools to help you combine, split, and manipulate PDFs.

Avoid Getting Locked Into a Database Again

Most of the paperless document management software you'll look at to replace Lacerte DMS will store your files in a database. By now, hopefully you see the pitfall of committing your files to a database. A database, like Lacerte DMS used, essentially locks up your files. FileCenter DMS, on the other hand, organizes your files in regular Windows folders but gives you a superior organizational interface, driven by clients. You will always have total access to your client data, inside of FileCenter or outside of it. Choose a Lacerte DMS replacement that guarantees you total access to your files!

Make the Cloud Optional

Many former Lacerte DMS users feel like they're being pressured to move all of their critical client files to the Cloud. Time has shown that purely cloud-based solutions are slow and can leave you without access to your files. A far better solution: keep your client files on your machine, and if you want Cloud access, synchronize your files with the Cloud through a service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. FileCenter works seamlessly in this scenario. Keep your files local, and guarantee your access.

FileCenter DMS: The Ideal Lacerte DMS Alternative and Replacement

So why FileCenter DMS? Many firms appreciate FileCenter's simple, intuitive document management that organizes by client and puts client data at your fingertips. It also features fast, easy scanning, an essential feature in paper-intensive offices. Go from paper to fully searchable PDF in just a mouseclick and file it away at the same time. You can even store files from your other programs, like Excel spreadsheets, Word files, and even email. Get a Lacerte DMS alternative and replacement that meets professional needs with professional features! Download a free trial today.

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