What's the Best PDF Splitter for Your Office: Factors to Consider

Splitting a PDF seems like it should be such a simple task. Yet for some reason, it's turning out to be harder than it should. Don't worry, in this article we'll take you through the ins and outs of splitting a PDF and recommend the easiest way to do it: FileCenter DMS.

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PDF Splitter Summary

  • What Does it Mean to Split a PDF?
  • What is the Difference between Splitting a PDF and Unstacking a PDF?
  • How Can I Separate PDF Pages?
  • How Can I Save One Page of a PDF?
  • Is It Possible to Split a PDF without Opening It?
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What Does it Mean to Split a PDF?

Over the last couple of decades, PDF has become the file format of choice for archiving files. It does a wonderful job of preserving the original document, right down to fonts and layout, and it makes it possible for anyone to open the document, irrespective of whether they use the same software that produced the original file.

The concept of splitting a PDF into multiple files came in fairly early. The idea was simple: you should be able to break apart a PDF document into multiple files, just like you can split a stack of documents into smaller stacks.

What is the Difference between Splitting a PDF and Unstacking a PDF?

There is some confusion about splitting a PDF versus unstacking a PDF. Normally to split PDF files refers to breaking a single file into two files. When you split the PDF, you need to designate the page position where you want the split to occur. Everything after that page gets broken off into its own, distinct file.

Unstacking, on the other hand, means breaking up a single PDF into many files, usually at regular intervals. For example, suppose that you have a single, 100-page PDF file that contains 50 documents that are each two pages long. You could unstack the file at two-page intervals into 50 separate files.

How Can I Separate PDF Pages?

For anyone wondering how to separate pages in PDF files, the process requires PDF editor software. There are specialized PDF splitter programs that only split PDF pages, but you're far better off getting a full PDF editor. A PDF editor will split PDF pages and go on to provide the full range of PDF editing features.

How Can I Save One Page of a PDF?

To save one page of a PDF you need a slightly different function than PDF splitting. When you split a PDF, it severs the file into two files. Saving one page of a PDF, on the other hand, requires a feature called extract PDF pages. The extract feature pulls one or more pages out of the middle of the PDF file and saves them as their own file. Extracting PDF pages can either remove the pages from the original file or, with the right PDF editor, simply save a copy of the pages.

Is It Possible to Split a PDF without Opening It?

The best PDF editors aim to make each PDF function as efficient as possible. In the case of PDF splitting, an ideal editor will allow you to split PDF files, unstack PDF files, and even extract pages from PDF files without opening them.

For instance, FileCenter DMS provides a powerful PDF organization feature in addition to a PDF editor. You can organize your archived PDFs into easy-to-access electronic filing cabinets. Within a cabinet, you have the ability to manipulate PDF files directly, without opening them. You can split a PDF where it resides, or unstack it, or pull pages out of it into their own file.

Our PDF Splitter Recommendation

If you want to split PDFs and performs dozens of other PDF actions effortlessly, you want FileCenter DMS. FileCenter carries all of the PDF-related features you'll need along with simple PDF storage and organization. Download a free trial today!

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