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FileCenter might be the best software decision you make this year

Our users scan documents. They convert PDFs. They organize their own files. And they set it up themselves. Many over a lunch break.

If you want a simpler, more organized office, your time is now. Thousands of users like you are wondering why they didn't make the change years ago. Join us for a quick demo to discover why.

"FileCenter combines the functionality of many different programs into one, and is the best option for any company interested in the paperless office." – Small Business Technology Magazine

Individually excellent.
Best together.

The FileCenter family consists of separate applications that run inside of a single interface.

Each application works like an individual tool, a tool that you'll come to appreciate for its refinement and precision.

But brought together, the applications combine seamlessly into an experience that feels like one unified workspace.

FileCenter DMS  •  FileCenter Automate
FileCenter Receipts  •  FileCenter Portal

FileCenter DMS

The heart of the FileCenter Suite, FileCenter DMS is document management for the masses. Easy enough for home users, powerful enough for large companies, FileCenter DMS offers file organization, scanning, search, and PDF manipulation in an interface that's so intuitive, the software almost runs itself.

FileCenter Receipts

Finally, receipts management that's as simple as a shoebox but as detailed as an accountant. Use FileCenter Receipts on its own to scan, categorize, and organize your receipts. Better yet, pair FileCenter Receipts with FileCenter DMS to experience a tightly-integrated document and receipt management solution that will feel like a breath of fresh air.

FileCenter Portal

Share documents with your clients through a service that's as secure as an armored truck but as natural as a handshake. On its own the FileCenter Portal is a convenient way to exchange documents with clients. Paired with FileCenter DMS, your ability to organize and share client documents just got powerful.

FileCenter Automate

The most repetitive tasks of any busy office might be naming, routing, and converting files. FileCenter Automate takes over these tasks for you. A powerful engine featuring rules and jobs, FileCenter Automate can pair with FileCenter DMS to intelligently route scans based on their contents, or on its own as a server-based OCR, PDF conversion, and document routing engine.

Everything's better with friends.
Powerful integrations ...

FileCenter DMS works smoothly with nearly any  Windows program. A few products merit even tighter integrations ...

  • SharePoint
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • DropBox
  • QuickBooks
  • ScanSnap

Cloud or On-Premise?
The choice is yours ...

FileCenter runs on your own computers to give you the ultimate in speed and control.

And for those who need the mobility of Cloud storage, FileCenter integrates seamlessly with most Cloud drives:

  • Google Drive
  • Google File Stream
  • DropBox
  • SugarSync
  • SharePoint
  • Azure
  • OneDrive
  • many more ...
The Best of Both Worlds

Fifteen years.
Fifty thousand customers.
We've got your back ...

Everybody has jumped on board

Always several steps ahead of what we need

It continues to be well worth my investment

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Everything in one place

If it relates to your files, you can do it in FileCenter. All of the organizing, scanning, searching, converting, and sharing power you need, brought together under one roof.

A filing system that makes sense. Organize your files in electronic filing cabinets that are intuitive and easy to understand. No complex databases, just regular Windows folders.
Scan & organize in one step. Automatically scan and name documents based on their contents with just a couple of mouse clicks. Scanning doesn't get any easier.
Keep using your favorite programs. FileCenter document management works with the programs you already use and integrates with all Windows desktop applications.
Do just about anything with PDFs. OCR scans into searchable PDFs, create PDFs from any file, edit and annotate your PDFs, cut them apart or splice them together. All in one place.
Optional cloud access. Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, SharePoint, QuickBooks, and countless other cloud services work seamlessly with the FileCenter solutions.
Automation tools to simplify your life. Repetitive conversion, routing, and naming tasks are easily handled with FileCenter Automate's powerful document rules.
Share documents with your clients … securely. The FileCenter Portal is just that – a secure passageway between you and your clients, making it simple to pass sensitive documents back and forth.
Receipt management the way it's supposed to be. Track and categorize all of your receipts. FileCenter Receipts works equally well with QuickBooks or as a stand-alone solution.
Everything in one intuitive interface. Do all these things and more from a single interface designed to be so simple and seamless, our fathers could use it.